Review: Healer’s Legacy

Original Review Date: 10/30/2012

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Stars: 5 Stars

Who doesn’t want a pet dragon, especially one that is sized just right? In The Healer’s Legacy, Kira has just such a companion. Called a Wyvern, Vaith is a loyal friend to Kira on her long journey of self-discovery. Joined by two other companions, big cat Kelmir and faithful steed Trad, Kira escapes from a bad relationship and sets out to find the homeland of her mother. With healing skills learned as a child and the ability to connect psychically with Vaith and Kelmir, Kira navigates treacherous terrain and makes new friends. Written for youth, this is a meaningful story that can be appreciated by all ages. Sure to become a classic fantasy tale, the author brings this story to vivid life. The reader is transported in time and space to join in Kira’s journey, a journey that is likely to continue in another book or two. At least this is one reader who hopes there are many more stories to come about Kira and her companions. In the meantime, I can dream of a special pet Wyvern riding on my shoulder too.

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