Review: Healer’s Legacy

Original Review Date: 9/8/2013
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Stars: 5 Stars

THE HEALER’S LEGACY is a captivating fantasy novel. Kira, the main character, is very likable because she is believable. I saw her as a very principled, and very troubled, individual. How could she not be, with the Warlord Toril essentially chasing her to the very ends of the continent. Her companions are a wyvern and a moon cat, whom she is able to communicate with telepathically. When the story opens, she manages to escape from Toril’s guards. She then crosses the continent, helping to heal a gnome child along the way (a very important event later), fights for her life with a rock troll in a vicious storm and ends up at Tem Hold.

What happens then? Read the book and find out! I will say that the ending was most satisfactory and definitely left the door open to a sequel.

That said, I thank Sharon Skinner for writing a novel I could lose myself in for awhile. I look forward to the stories that follow.“